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Denis Wick 50th Anniversary Special Edition Mutes

Trombone Straight Mute (DW5505G) and trumpet Straight Mute (DW5504G)

New Publications Mythen Hollanda 2017

Our composer Gert Buitenhuis made the following new arrangements:

  • Belcanto Napolitano (O sole mio / Torna a Surrento/ Funicoli Funicola) – Gert Buitenhuis
  • Runde Geburtstag Polka – Gert Buitenhuis
  • L’ Arlesienne Suite No. II (all parts: Pastorale/Intermezzo/Menuet/Farandole) – G. Bizet, arr. Gert Buitenhuis

The new Denis Wick SM Baritone Travel Mute is now released!

Over a year in the development stage, this mute, which is closely related of course to the highly successful Euphonium Travel mute, has been eagerly awaited by baritone players. It sits flush inside the bell, so can sit inside the instrument when in its case, either a hard case or a gig bag.

The performance of this mute is terrific; it’s main features being:
• A quiet and even sound
• Excellent intonation right throughout the range
• Even response and feels very natural to play
• Very clear high and low tones, despite the quiet sound
• A lie-flat leather handle for easy removal of the mute
• Doesn’t demand extra effort from the performer, allowing the musician to play freely…and still not disturb the neighbours or sleeping children etc!

This mute was shown at the National Brass Band Championships at London’s Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 11th October on the Denis Wick Products exhibition stand, as well as the Shanghai Music Show 8-11 October.

Be one of the first to own this great new mute !

Weighs only 180 grams

Steven Mead writes: The essential design element is to balance what we want from such a mute. Obviously as it’s a ‘quiet’ mute, rather than a performance mute, (although I have seen the Euphonium Travel Mute used in performances before!) it needs to perform its duty to be quiet, and not disturb others, whether you’re at home, in a hotel, or wherever else you choose to practice. We also need a true tone, not something pinched or compromised, so we need to try to keep the air resistance to a minimum. It also needs to be in tune. There is no use having a mute that plays a semitone high or low. We are really delighted how this new mute has worked out, and as with all Denis Wick Products, exhaustive testing is the key, and never being prepared to settle for something that’s not right. With this new in-bell mute, which fits flush inside the case, I’m hoping baritone players will be really pleasantly surprised how easy it is to play it. The consistency of sound from lowest to highest notes is really quite fantastic.

As with the Euphonium Travel Mute, sustained strong low note practice with this mute can really ‘open up’ your sound, and so the benefits are not just about its ‘quiet’ credentials.

So now there are no more excuses in the band room; you can practice at home, you can practice in a break at work, and you can practice when your kids are sleeping, or if you don’t want your partner to hear too much!

New Publications 2014 Mythen Hollanda

Our composer Gert Buitenhuis made the following new arrangements:

• Presenting the Band
All sections present itself with a small solo. From Flute with Alla Turca – Mozart till Tuba with Offenbachs – Can Can.
Nine titles in one arrangement. Time: 15 minutes, Difficulty: medium.

• Myfanway
Specially arranged for the world famous Euphonium player David Childs.
Lovely folksong from Wales..

• Dance of the Comedians from the Bartered Bride – Smetana in original setting.

• Hommage March – E. Grieg

• New Series Vocal with concert band accompaniment from Soprano till Baritone.
The titles are:
Adieu mein kleiner Garde Offizier
Ob Blond, ob Braun, ich liebe alle Frau’n
Lied und Czardás
O Mädchen, mein Mädchen
Niemand lieb dich so wie ich
Volga Boat Song
Vilja Lied
O Mio Bambino Caro

Buzz Tube - Denis Wick

The brand new ‘BuzzTube’ for euphonium/trombone was released to great critical acclaim at ITEC2014.
Available now in GOLD & SILVER. Be the first to own it!

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