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Mythen Hollanda, a music publisher based in Doorn, the Netherlands, was set up by Gert Buitenhuis, a composer, conductor and arranger. After a thirty-year career with the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy – the final ten years as director/conductor – he has decided to devote himself to wind music in the broadest sense of the word. Widely experienced in making arrangements for the Marine Band’s musical shows, he has composed numerous original works and written arrangements for wind and fanfare bands. These works are published by Mythen Hollanda.

Mythen Hollanda also publishes works by other well-known composers/arrangers, such as Koos Mark, Maino Remmers and Jos Pommer. This guarantees a broad, wide-ranging repertoire for wind and fanfare bands at various levels of difficulty.
Mythen Hollanda has made a name for itself outside the Netherlands as well. Customers for its richly varied offerings hail from Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Scandinavia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, England, Japan and the United States.

A noticeable trend in wind band concert programmes is the increasing amount of light music. In this regard, the success of the TEMA-Tielen Tournament is not alone. Entertainment music generally appeals to young people, meaning it can stimulate the younger generation into playing and listening to wind music – and to keep doing so. To capture the interest of the widest possible public, it is also important to include classical music. Mythen Hollanda is only too conscious of this.

Mythen Hollanda’s broad palette of sheet music ranges from solo and ensemble classical compositions, such as ‘Al Piemonte’ (arranged by Gert Buitenhuis) to marches and exhilarating entertainment music (again solo and ensemble), of which the salsa number ‘Noche de Abril’ by Maino Remmers, is a splendid example. Mythen Hollanda has also evolved several special series, namely ‘Marching the Latin Way’, ‘Build up your Band’ and ‘Goes to the Classics’.

Mythen Hollanda recently updated its site, adding a new component in the process. Apart from being able to listen to various sound fragments, visitors can now also view the complete score of practically every composition offered. For conductors this is ideal, because it puts them in a better position to decide whether any particular work is suited to their orchestra or orchestras. The site also contains comprehensive information about composers/arrangers, while compositions and arrangements can be ordered from the on-line shop.

For more information or specific requirements, please contact Eugenie Jansen-Buitenhuis either by telephone or e-mail. She is well acquainted with the world of wind music and will be pleased to advise and assist you.

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