Gert Buitenhuis

Gert Buitenhuis

GERT BUITENHUIS was born at Zeist, The Netherlands, on September 5th 1943 and grew up in a family where music was part of the daily walk of life. His grandfather as well as his parents played in a local band which became the surrounding where Gert, at an early age, took the first steps on a path through music. He studied at the Academies of Music at Utrecht, piano and clarinet, and Tilburg – conductor. His teachers were, a.o. Herman Strategier and Rocus van Yperen. In the early sixties Gert Buitenhuis joined the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy. For twenty years he was the solo clarinettist and concert master. Later he became producer/arranger in which capacity he prepared several performances of the Band for Radio and Television. He joined the Band during performances abroad and also on the occasion of official State visits of both Her Majesties Queen Juliana and Queen Beatrix. In April 1986 Gert Buitenhuis was appointed Principal Director of Music of the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy. In December 1995 he retired.
He has been Principal Director of Music of the Lillestrøm Musikkorps in Norway and the Royal Symphonic Windband O.B.K. in Holland (two high standard amateur Bands).
Furthermore he is guest teacher (conducting) at various European conservatories and a jury member at different national and international competitions like the ”Wereld Muziek Concours” at Kerkrade.

On Wednesday 15 July 2009, Gert Buitenhuis received the Dutch Wind Music Prize 2009. This prestigious prize is awarded biennially by the World Music Contest and the Conductors’ Society in cooperation with ’Kunstfactor’, the Dutch national organisation for the development and promotion of the voluntary arts. This prize is awarded to a person or organisation who played an important role in the development or innovation of the Dutch wind music.
Former award winners are Mr Henk van Lijnschooten (2003), Mr Jaap Koops (2005) and Mr Johan de Meij (2007).

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